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Savonia Online Course 2022 Sustainable development in changing climate, what has it to do with me? (Master degree)


Savonia Course Enrolment 2022

Enrolment time: 22.11. - 30.11.2021


Name: Sustainable development in changing climate, what has it to do with me? (Master degree)

Code: 4 CO22KSUS

Credits: 5 cr


• knows basics of climate change and United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals
• understands the systemic nature of action on climate change, its magnitude and holistic implementation and long-term societal importance
• is able to assess critically information sources on climate change and also understands deliberate misleading
• knows the Human Security approach and is capable to preliminary assess the impacts of the measures in a pre-selected context (related to one's own work, hobby or similar)


• Reliability of the climate change information and the IPCC
• Greenhouse effect
• Climate change impacts, mitigation and adaptation
• Human Security Approach (people centered, true knowledge and impact assessment)
• Ex ante impact assessment of the measures, presentation of the method and exercise


• Online study and online exam
• Submission of the preliminary impacts assessment of the planned measures

Grading Scale: Passed (S) - Failed (0)
Course material: Content, materials and links to external resources are all in Moodle.
Prerequisites: No prerequisites.

Timetable and implementation

100% online studies in Moodle
- The Moodle platform opens up for orientation and access on 5.1.2022.
- The course and exams will be opened on 5.1.2022 and will be closed on 15.5.2022 at 11.55 pm.
- Assessment will be registered by 15.6.2022.

Teacher of the course: Kajanus Miika, miika.kajanus@savonia.fi 

No places available anymore.

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15.5.2022 23:55