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ALIISA - Continuing Inclusive Art Education (Master's level), 5 cr

1.9.2021 00:00

Registration period: 3.5. - 4.6.2021

ALIISA - Continuing Inclusive Art Education (Master's level), 5 cr

The studies are primarily aimed for general and art education professionals on the various fields of arts and culture who want to deepen their skills in inclusive art pedagogy in continuing education.

Conditions for participation
  • University Degree in Art (Bachelor or Master) or UAS Degree in Culture and Arts (Ba or Ma) and teacher's pedagogical studies 60 ECTS, OR
  • University degree in education including teacher's pedagogical studies 60 ECTS or other equivalent competence as well as artistic competence, OR
  • Degree of early childhood education teacher / UAS Bachelor in Social Services with at least 60 ECTS credits in early childhood education and social pedagogy, as well as artistic competence.
  • Commitment to completing studies including practical training and participation in intensive week's workshop in Kuopio.
  • Registration and answering the preliminary questionnaire by 4.6.2021.

Deepening and expanding the competences of professional art pedagogy.
Ability to take advantage of the opportunities of diversity in different areas of professional activity.
Ability to apply existing professional skills to the needs of inclusive pedagogy in practice and theory.
Ability to work in multilateral and multicultural contexts and to network internationally and nationally


Multiprofessional and multidisciplinary working methods are based on dialogue an reflection.
Implementation will take into account national and international cooperation that exploits the potential of e-learning environments.
The studies are carried out with cooperation of national working contexts.


Independent orientation, active participation in a workshop (5 days in Kuopio) and related assignments, practical training and completion of all related assignments.

Grading scale

Passed - Failed

Course material

The material can be found in the course's e-learning environment.

Other considerations

The education is implemented as a multi-form training utilizing digital learning environments. Multimodal learning includes contact teaching, small group work, online studies, peer tutoring and learning, work-related learning, and independent work and self-assessment. Studies are at European (NQF) and national level 7.

  • E-learning environment/Moodle OpenEdu will open 1.9.2021
  • Orientation assignments must be replied by 13.9.2021
  • The workshop will be implemented 20.-24.9.2021 in Kuopio
  • The practical training will be implemented 1.10.2021-30.4.2022
  • The final report must be replied by 15.5.2022

The education will be implemented in international cooperation. Part of the teaching is conducted in Finnish and part in English.
The education does not lead to a degree and is not directly included in any curriculum of Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

Study costs

Teaching is free of charge. The participant is responsible for travel and other costs during the intensive week and the training period.

Registration and preliminary questionnaire

Fill in the electronic registration form between 3.5.-4.6.2021. After registration, the system will send you an automatic confirmation message with instructions on how to respond to the preliminary questionnaire. Registration is valid when the applicant has answered the questionnaire by the end of the registration period, 4.6.2021.

Additional information
  • Lecturer Paula Niemi, paula.niemi@savonia.fi
  • Lecturer Hanna Turunen, hanna.turunen@savonia.fi
  • Open UAS student services, avoinamk@savonia.fi
  • ALIISA webpage, https://aliisa.savonia.fi/

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1.9.2021 00:00


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