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Savonia Online Course 2022 Advanced Finance


Savonia Course Enrolment 2022

Enrolment time: 22.11. - 30.11.2021


Name: Advanced Finance

Code: 4 CO22KLIA5360

Credits: 5 cr


  • Be able to obtain and refine financial data for analysis.
  • Be able to estimate necessary statistics parameters and test the normality of returns.
  • Have knowledge about the different financial investment opportunities in the market and evaluate their risk/return relationship.
  • Understand the essential assumptions and logic behind portfolio theory, and how to apply it on real market data, using optimization and modelling techniques.
  • Understand and apply Capital Asset Pricing Model principles on market data and financial portfolios.


  • Statistics treatment of financial data
  • Assessment of financial market products
  • Portfolio theory and CAPM

Requirements: Completing the required sequence of assignments according the due date schedule.

Grading Scale: 0 - 5

Course material: Reading material and other video demos are provided in Moodle. Participants are encouraged to seek different sources of knowledge to complete the assignments.

Prerequisites:Basic knowledge of finance, economics, mathematics and statistics.

Timetable and implementation

100% online studies in Moodle
- The Moodle platform opens up for orientation and access on 5.1.2022. For to participate the course, the login is required by 31.01.2022 at the latest. 
- The course and exams will be opened on 7.1.2022 and will be closed on 15.5.2022 at 11.55 pm.
- Assessment will be registered by 15.6.2022.

Teacher of the course: Hannoura Abdelazim, abdelazim.hannoura@savonia.fi 

No places available anymore.

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15.5.2022 23:55