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Registration and study non-stop in the academic year 2021-2022

Savonia University of Applied Sciences organizes education leading to a master's degree (YAMK) in six different fields of education. Parts of the degree, study courses, can be completed as studies at the Open University of Applied Sciences (Open UAS).

Open YAMK studies are suitable for those,

  • whose aim is to study master's degree (YAMK) (degree studies require an appropriate bachelor's or master's degree and at least two years work experience)
  • whose aim is to collect path studies (30 ECTS or 10 ECTS) and apply flexibly on the basis of them for the right to study to complete the degree (degree studies require an appropriate bachelor's or master's degree and at least two years work experience)
  • who wish to continue their interrupted studies before applying for the renewed right to study
  • who want to acquire new skills

This course is part of the joint elective studies for YAMK degrees in all fields of education in Savonia. Get acquainted with the structures and contents of YAMK degrees in different fields of study in the curricula.

This course has an equal content with the course Asiantuntijuus ja esimiestoiminta.


Student is able to find and utilize new knowledge towards professional expertise development with the help of experiential learning methods. Student will gain knowledge to anticipate the changes in both working environment and in working processes. She/he knows how to support and share expertise in working life as well as is able to develop knowledge management practices. Student understands the different roles of a manager in different working communities. She/he is able to assess personal managerial readiness as well as evaluate own managerial competences and define development needs.


  • Development of professional expertise, and shared expertiselying
  • Development of know-how and leadership/management practices
  • Leadership and managerial know-how and skills
  • Roles of manager in changing working life
  • Identification and evaluation of personal managerial skills and practices


  • 100 % web studies (Moodle)
  • Online learning activities and written exercises, reflection of own working environment, working habits, and work life development.
  • The course is open all year round 15.9.2021 – 31.7.2022. Students can enter the Moodle online learning environment at any time. There are several alternative return dates for the assignments throughout the academic year.
  • Return deadlines for the academic year 2021-2022: 15.11.2021, 15.12.2021, 1.2.2022, 15.3.2022, 30.5.2022 and 31.7.2022 The assignments will be assessed after the deadline.
  • The course requirements are modified each academic year in August. The returned assignments need to meet the requirements valid on the return date. 
  • Grading Scale 0-5

Course material

To be announced.

Course fee

The course is free of charge when you register and start studying before 31.12.2021.

After 1.1.2022, a course fee must be paid in connection with registration. Payments will be announced later.

Study benefits

Studying at the Open UAS does not entitle to a study grant or study social benefits. If you are an unemployed jobseeker, negotiate your studies with the TE-Services before enrolling for the studies. If you are employed and on study leave, you can receive adult education allowances from the Employment Fund if the other conditions are met.


Binding registrations 17.8.2021 - 30.4.2022. After registering, you will receive an automatic confirmation message to the e-mail address you provided with additional instructions for studying.

For more information, please contact

  • Responsible teacher: Ilkka Virolainen, (available after 9.8.2021)
  • Study Adviser for YAMK Studies: Arja Hiltunen,
  • Open UAS study advisors:

Savonia University of Applied Sciences reserves the right to make any changes.

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