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Bioeconomy sector is growing rapidly. The purpose is to reduce dependence on fossil resources. Transition to bioeconomy needs knowledge of available possibilities and ability to create new innovations. This course is created to give answers to these challenges.

After the Course the student will understand the concepts of bioeconomy and forest bioeconomy. The student will learn topical issues of bioeconomy both in Chile/South America and Finland/Europe. The student will receive comprehensive overview of environmentally friendly bioeconomy solutions and are able to apply their knowledge to solve problems related to bioeconomy sector. Creating new innovative ideas and bio-based products and processes.

Target group

International undergraduate, master and Ph.D. students and young postdoc..)


  • Introduction (concepts, policy drivers, bioeconomy in Chile and Finland
  • Sustainable forest bioeconomy (Inventory and management of forest resources)
  • Responsible and Smart use of natural resources
  • Opportunities and benefits from bioeconomy (biorefinering and innovative forest products, clean energy production, wood constructions)
  • Future aspects of bioeconomy (research and development, best practices, joint efforts between universities and companies)
  • Supervised group works related to educational and RDI
  • Presentation of challenges for students group works
  • Presentations of group works


  • Intensive course period 27.9.-8.10.2021, online
  • The course will be opened for introduction 23.09.2021.
  • Students should registrate by 24.09.2021 in order to be accepted.
  • The assignments given for students is recommended to return by 8.10.2021.
  • The course will be evaluated when the given assignments are returned


Lectures, assignments, workshops, group tasks, supervised group tasks, presentation of group work results

Course material

The material will be given via Moodle during the course.

Tuition fee

The course is free of charge.


Enrolment period ends by 24.9.2021 and the study places will be filled in the order of enrolment.

See the privacy statement for how and where the information you provide on the enrolment form will be used.

For more information, please contact

  • Regarding the content and implementation: Manager (Engineering and Technology) Markku Huhtinen, markku.huhtinen@savonia.fi
  • In matters related to registration: avoinamk@savonia.fi

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