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International Sales Management 5 cr


Enrolment time: 22.11. - 6.12.2021


This course offers a global perspective on the opportunities and issues facing today's sales managers. Learning outcomes is achieved with individual and team assignments, interactive discussion topics and case studies. The lectures are online and video based, and study is completely online.

The course studies international sales environment, upcoming sales trends and cross cultural differences that influence organizing an effective international sales organization.

Students understand the role and responsibilities of a sales executive in managing, supervising and developing the sales and the customer base of a company. They learn the importance of management of global sales teams and understand a sales executive’s role in networking and building partnerships in international sales.


  • Fundamentals of International Sales
  • International Sales jobs and careers
  • Planning sales
  • Design and Implementation of International Sales strategies, and Key Account Management strategy
  • Managing and developing sales processes
  • Finding sales opportunities and sales leads
  • Customer acquisition, prospecting internationally
  • CRM in Global Perspective
  • Developing solutions for customer needs with an international focus
  • Creating long-lasting relationship in an international setting
  • Building networks and partnerships in international sales
  • Recruiting and Organizing international sales teams
  • Training of an international sales team
  • Deployment of an international sales team
  • Evaluation of the performance of an international sales team


- Online lectures, Case studies, and Online Tasks
- Active participation in online discussions
- Tasks are designed self paced and as individual work

Grading Scale: 0 - 5

Course material

Sales Management, A multinational perspective by Paolo Guenzi and Susi Geiger, published by Palgrave Mc Millian 2011
Sales Management: A Global Perspective, Earl D. Honeycutt, John B. Ford and Antonis C. Simintiras. Routledge 2003
Sales Management: Analysis and Decision Making, 10th Edition By Thomas N. Ingram, Raymond W. LaForge, Ramon A. Avila, Charles H. Schwepker Jr., Michael R. Williams Routledge 2019

Prerequisites: No prerequisites.

Timetable and implementation

100% online studies in Moodle
- The Moodle platform opens up for orientation and access on 12.1.2022. For to participate the course, the login is required by 10.2.2022 at the latest. 
- The course and exams will be opened on 18.1.2022 and will be closed on 30.4.2022 at 11.55 pm.
- Assessment will be registered by 31.5.2022.

Course fee
The course fee is 75 euros. The course fee must be paid upon registration.
The payments are based on the Government Decree of 30 December 2014/1440.

Free course
The course is free of charge if:
- you are a 2nd level student (Finnish high school or vocational college) 
- you have completed your degree in Savonia UAS within a year
- you are a member of the Savonia UAS staff

The course fee does not cover any card, material or training costs.

Enrol (register) with the form "Free study". If you are a secondary school student, please attach to the enrolment form either a link to the study information of the Oma Opintopolku service or a study certificate in pdf format. If you have completed a degree in Savonia UAS, or are a member of Savonia staff, we will check your information after enrolment.

If you are not entitled to free study, the right to study will not be granted.

Cancellation terms
Enrolment for studies at the Open UAS is always binding. A student of the Open UAS is granted the right to study limited in time and content. The right to study cannot be exchanged for other studies or transferred to the next academic year.

If you cancel or interrupt your studies, the fee will not be refunded. The fee will only be refunded if Savonia UAS cancels the education or your medical condition prevents you from attending the studies (medical certificate must be presented). The registrant accepts the cancellation and payment terms when enrolling.

Study benefits
Studying at the Open UAS does not entitle to a study grant or study social benefits. If you are an unemployed jobseeker, negotiate your studies with the TE-Services before enrolling for the studies. If you are employed and on study leave, you can receive adult education allowances from the Employment Fund if the other conditions are met.

Binding enrolment period takes place on 22.11. - 6.12.2021. Enrolment starts on 22.11. at 9.00 and the study places will be filled in the order of enrolment. See the privacy statement for how and where the information you provide on the enrolment form will be used.

For more information, please contact

  • Regarding the content and implementation: Göker Özerk, ozerk.goker@savonia.fi 
  • In matters related to registration: avoinamk@savonia.fi

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